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Technika-based Flash game

Not Touhou-related, but I made this Flash game based on Technika today.

Miku Puns

Okay, so rather than just not posting anything, I have decided I might as well post some things I drew today, though they’re not Touhou-related. After drawing this image in a paintchat, I felt like doing some more Hatsune Miku related puns, so here are these three in a flash, with the captions I included when I uploaded them to twitpic (1 2 3).

And that last one was so cool that I made this cool “camera-slowly-panning-across-face” thing to go along with it (embedded in the full post).

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Here’s an interesting project entitled TOHO CLOCK (click to go to the page, for a larger version WITH MUSIC)! Anyway, it’s pretty much a clock with random 5-second Touhou animations and 1-minute songs. Awhile ago, I was invited by Nalgami (the programmer) to contribute something to this, and so I did this Tenshi rock based thing.

Marisa What

Marisa what are you doing running around like that? You should be running around like this. Basically I don’t know anymore. But anyway I think the individual frames of this thing are somewhat interesting, I guess.


The only basis for this very simple flash is the fact that “Chirurgeon” kinda sounds like Cirno because it has “Chiru” in it, and that is part of “Chiruno”. That is all.