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Okay so this flash isn’t actually very interesting, but I figured I might as well mention that the president of the United States spoke at our school’s auditorium about something today. I don’t think most people from our school who attended actually knew what he was speaking about, but it was more about the “oh gosh it’s the president” factor. There were limited seats available to students so there was a lottery system to determine who would get them (I didn’t feel like entering). Anyway, the main building was super crowded with police, news crews/reporters, and other people. It was kinda annoying though ’cause then I didn’t get to go to the library during my two-hour break, since I figured it’d be a real hassle to get into the building. And yeah.

Awkward Silence

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have an awkward silence club! Where people sit around not talking to each other, avoiding eye contact, staring out the window or at the clock from time to time, coughing occasionally, and checking their cellphones while pretending to send text messages. Also yeah I noticed I haven’t really done a daily flash in a long while, so here’s one, I guess!

Also I made this for a circuits project today! Oh boy, a dice-type-thing on a breadboard!!

Integrating Factors

?=?e^[P(x)]dx (Though Wikipedia appears to use different variable names). This math pun was a result of me studying for a differential equations exam that I have tomorrow.


Last Wednesday in chem lab, after using the magnetic stirrer, I forgot the magnet was still in the beaker, so I accidentally dumped it into the chemical waste storage along with the rest of the contents of the beaker. I heard the sound of it falling in, and then I thought “did I really just do that?” and so later I had to use the retriever to get it back from the chemical waste storage container. But this week, I actually remembered to take the magnet out of the beakers before dumping the contents, hooray!

Also, this is relevant to the daily flash.

Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are super awesome. I wonder what it would be like to stir everything with a magnetic stirrer rather than using a spoon or stick or something. Though of course, for drinkable things, the magnet would have to be used just for drinks, because using the same magnet as ones used for chemistry lab experiments would be dangerous.