Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Spring is not here!

“What happened to spring?!” I blame global warming.

Added Lily White (and Lily Black, which is basically just a recolor), FOE, and a new face to create.swf.

The wallpaper image can be found here.

In other news, I changed my wallpaper. It’s Flandre! Outside in the snow! I think that defies the laws of physics. Something about vampires and being outside like that.

Remilia and things

Added Remilia, a spear, an umbrella, some beer mug thing, one of those “to protect peoples’ identities” censor bars over the eyes (even though it’s usually obvious who it is), and a new face. I don’t know why, but I never really felt like drawing Remilia, even though I had bat wings up there (I added new bat wings too) for a very long time.

And I just realized I haven’t done one of those “HERE’S SOME INTERESTING YOUTUBE STUFF” entries in awhile now, so here’s the new Touhou parody by Iori E. I actually understood the reference, and the English accent suddenly made sense!

Not a flash

No, this is not another flash, although it probably will be some time in the future. I was trying to include the ideas that people gave on the Touhou imageboard thread, since a lot of them involved a lack of donations to the shrine and whatever, so I drew Reimu in the Shrine with a computer (because she accepts donations on the internet). I was thinking it’d be “Shrine Appreciation Day” or some other made-up holiday, and people would be visiting the shrine (“Look, it’s a shrine! Let’s sit here and appreciate it.”) and Reimu would come up with some way to get money from them, probably something involving setting things on fire, but then I realized… I don’t really know where to go from there.

I probably won’t have a new Touhou flash up this week (Unless you count the Cirno game, of course). Yeah, I know I don’t really need to make so many flashes because I’m not really on a schedule or anything, but I dunno, I kinda want to make one each week. So uhh… brainstorm ideas for me or something. I will attempt to make a Touhou flash next week! For now, I guess I’ll try to finish watching all of Lucky Star by tomorrow (I have four episodes left to watch).

Nice Boat

First thing I thought of when the physics teacher drew a boat on the board was “nice boat.” I said it to my group, but nobody understood (well, I don’t really understand it much either, but it was a nice boat). That’s the thing about internet memes… most people don’t understand them in real life, and if you say them, they’ll look at you weird. Oh well!

In other news, I updated create.swf with Suika, a “Fangirl Youmu” face (as requested by Kebinu on the Touhou imageboard), one of those… uhh… three white line things expressing some sort of emotion, and a bar-looking background. I’ve never actually been in a bar, because I’m 16 and whatnot, but I’m guessing this is how it would look like, judging by the thousands of bars I’ve seen on the internet and on television.


Even in a flash game, F.O.E.!

I made a new Cirno game! It’s pretty much like the first one I made a few months ago, except it’s vertical and you can shoot things. Sorry about the nonexistent loading/instructions screen, it kinda just jumps right into the actual game when you click on the page. I tried putting in a loading/instructions screen, but when I got to the actual gameplay, the score didn’t show up for some reason. And yes, I am aware that the music doesn’t loop well. If you can find a version that does, I can change it.

The game is kinda repetitive, like the other ones, though… but I guess this is just one of those games you play when you’re really bored and have nothing else to do. Post comments, suggestions, and other stuff here (or on the flash page) if you want to.