Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Last day of 2007

Well, it’s the last day of 2007 (for some people it’s already 2008). I was gonna make a flash or something, but I didn’t really have any ideas. HOLD IT! I can’t do that. I’m gonna make a flash even if it’s a completely pointless and disappointing end-of-the-year flash! It is the end of 2007, after all. And here it is! Happy New Year, everyone!


Here’s Keine in cow-form! The clothing is basically just a recolor, though. Yeah, I had nothing else to update with today.

Medicine Melancholy

Added Medicine Melancholy to create.swf, along with all the recently-made backgrounds from the past four days. And that doll thing! ON HER HEAD (unless the doll is the actual Medicine and whatnot)! And boxing gloves, because… well, there’s a boxing ring background… might as well add some boxing gloves, right? Yeah.

Momizi vs Chen

I think I may be overdoing the whole “Chen is a boxing champion” thing now. Well anyway, thanks to E-mouse for the idea of a “Tom and Jerry” style relationship between Momizi and Chen. This is far from the end! Momizi shall have her revenge! Eventually!


Keine explains how she does what she does! I don’t really have an explanation as to what the website is, but I’m sure it’s something related to trucks.