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Library books

Well, this didn’t come out as I had expected. Anyway, I finally returned a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to the school library, after about 2-3 months after its due date. I expected more criticism and questioning, like “why didn’t you return this three months ago?” or “You know, you should take better responsibility for the books you borrow” and stuff like that, but the librarian didn’t really say anything. And it turned out to be only a dollar, even though it was three months. I guess they don’t count weekends, holidays, and non-school-days when doing the “five cents for every day after its due date” system.

In other news, in art class today, we had to start off drawing an organic object, and in six steps, transform it into something else. I turned a pinecone into Patchy. It was awesome. Too bad I don’t have a camera or anything that can take photos.


Viruses are not awesome. This computer (my uncle’s) really needs to get fixed… or replaced. It’s been reformatted about fifteen times already, and stuff keeps going wrong: it’s always either too slow or it has a virus that affects a third of the exe files on the computer. Well, the virus only affects programs that I don’t really use (or ones that can easily be reinstalled), so it’s not too bad.


Well actually, I had like three months to read the book. Bleh. Anyway, I’ll be back to school tomorrow, so expect the daily flashes to continue.

In other news, ChiisaiRamen drew this image of Unnamed Character yesterday. Oh yeah, and by the way, yes, they do have official names. Some of these names include: Unnamed Character, Headphone Character, Long-haired Character, Bored-looking Character, Teacher, etc.

Random old drawings

If I made a post in 10 minutes, would it count as a post made on the 29th? I’m not going to take that chance. Here is a post for now, which I will edit later with some other stuff once I finish my homework. Well, earlier today I took a stroll down memory lane (I think that’s the last time I’m gonna use that phrase), by browsing some of my old artwork from an oekaki board from less than a year ago. I will now post some of the more interesting ones here in case anyone is interested. Click the “continue reading” link! I haven’t used that “more” tag in awhile. Seriously, there are a lot of images.

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