Monthly Archive for February, 2008

Pixel art!

I haven’t actually made something in MS Paint for quite a while now. Since my internet connection went down for about two hours earlier today, I decided to make some pixel art in paint. Each character is in a 16×32 pixel area, and has 4 (or less) colors each. Then I decided to draw some more frames and animate it in GIMP! Hooray! Yeah. Anyway, I might update create.swf later today. If not, I’ll update it tomorrow.

Leap year

Tomorrow’s a leap day! It’s also a half-day for high schoolers! Hooray!

There is no explanation for today’s flash

Exponential growth

I don’t think there was a puzzle like that in the actual thing. I realized that the flash wasn’t really that funny when I was halfway done making it, but I had come too far to just not finish it. So now, you get to watch a flash about unnecessary mathematical calculations. But anyway, there was a similar question on today’s math quiz, and I decided to use math instead of logic (because you know… it’s a math class), which ended up being a bad idea, because it wasted like five minutes. What’s funny is that the question on the quiz was about tribbles being brought into the school and multiplying until they filled the maximum capacity of the school in an hour and two minutes.

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Vacation assignments

I felt kinda stupid for not noticing until today”s English class. Turns out I actually had to read about a hundred pages, which I did in about three hours after I got home from school. The book is Winesburg, Ohio, and it’s… not really that interesting. I don’t know if it was actually chapter nine; I just made that up for the purposes of ?. Coincidentally, one of the chapters is about a woman named Alice who is really lonely.