Daily Archive for April 12th, 2008


Renko Usami, create.swf, etc. Updated the interface somewhat also. Such updates include: wings added to preset characters, locking stuff means they’re completely locked (including changing to preset characters), fixed the shoe problem (where you couldn’t change shoes unless you used the menu or quick change), and uhh… I’m sure there was some other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

Possibly coming up next time: giant Yuyuko fan as a “back” object, more faces/accessories/stuff, character rotation/flipping, wraparound in selection menus, current zoom percentage, point-and-select from the list of preset characters, some sort of code-generating thing with commas and numbers and whatnot (if I can figure out how to do this), and Maribel Han! If you see any problems or have any suggestions for next update, go ahead and post them.

In other news, I just changed the site colors from light blue to green because it’s spring now. See you next winter, Letty!