Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Costumes (Halloween 2008)

Happy Halloween! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make a flash on Halloween, since I still have a lot of SAT II Physics stuff to study, but I decided it’d be weird not having anything for Halloween, so I just made this.

There were a bunch of cool costumes this year at my school, including Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Michael Phelps (basically a guy with swimming trunks, no shirt, a gold medal, swimming goggles, and wet hair), Thing 1 and Thing 2 (From the Cat in the Hat), some dictator from the Congo (who apparently ate some people when he was alive), and uhh… a bunch of English/History teachers dressed up as characters from the board game Clue. Yeah. Anyway, go ahead and discuss your Halloween experiences and whatnot.

Kanako EWI


Hooray, another EWI video by Winn! This one has Kanako and Suwako in some sort of epic duel. It’s pretty awesome; I think the animation quality is the best out of all the ones so far, although that’s to be expected. Anyway, good job and keep up the good work, Winn!


More stuff from a week ago! Don’t worry, the video’s not really about Yukkuris, like the preview image suggests. But this one is.


This video was put on Nicovideo over a week ago, and I’m sure some of you have already seen this. It’s an Usatei parody with Chen and Orin. I’m not really familiar with SA themes, but I’m assuming it’s a combination of Orin’s and Chen’s themes with parts of the Usatei song.

Anyway, today’s homework took awhile to do, and then I had to go prepare some envelopes for college stuff (teacher recommendation letters), which probably took a lot longer than it should have. And now I guess I’ll study for the SAT II physics test using the internet.

S.I. Units

I actually had a daily flash idea similar to this one last school year, but I guess I just forgot about it until it was mentioned today in physics. Well anyway, for people who don’t know what SI Units are, here it is on Wikipedia. Just because I didn’t know what they were until last year. Well, I knew what meters and kilograms were, I just didn’t know they were called SI Units, because the US just has to be different with its inches and pounds and whatnot.

Anyway, I have the SAT IIs (everyone still calls them “the SAT IIs” even though they’re called “SAT subject tests” now) for Math 2 and Physics this Saturday, and I sorta haven’t studied at all, so I need to do that, and I might not feel like making as many daily flashes this week.