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Videos for Feb 28, 2010

Videos: another awesome Toho Kinema Kan preview, a Suwako version of Hanamaru Kindergarten’s 5th ED, Marisa and Alice in a RED ZONE car, and then some sort of thing regarding underpants.

??????????? ????? ??????????? 2nd ?PV?



(Nicovideo / Original)

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Create.swf – Tokiko (Revised)

Added a revised version of Tokiko to create.swf! I had way too much fun making this preview image. Anyway, here are other things that were added:

Objects: holy hand grenade, single arm (bent), single arm 2 (bent), cigarette, cigar, smoke fumes, trophy, AK-47, tissue box (colorable), stones (colorable), trees (colorable), bottle, bottle 2, cork
Accessories: cigarette, cigar, elf ears, red trenchcoat
Arms: blue uniform, red trenchcoat
Body: black coat
BGs: Zen garden (Night), Zen garden (Day), Zen garden (Snow), Scarlet bedroom
Wings: Rengeteki Wings+Hat
Mouths: Mouth 63




It’s stop-motion Bad Apple!! made from apples!


Last Wednesday in chem lab, after using the magnetic stirrer, I forgot the magnet was still in the beaker, so I accidentally dumped it into the chemical waste storage along with the rest of the contents of the beaker. I heard the sound of it falling in, and then I thought “did I really just do that?” and so later I had to use the retriever to get it back from the chemical waste storage container. But this week, I actually remembered to take the magnet out of the beakers before dumping the contents, hooray!

Also, this is relevant to the daily flash.

Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are super awesome. I wonder what it would be like to stir everything with a magnetic stirrer rather than using a spoon or stick or something. Though of course, for drinkable things, the magnet would have to be used just for drinks, because using the same magnet as ones used for chemistry lab experiments would be dangerous.