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NYC Maker Faire 2010

Here is the obligatory blog post about Maker Faire, which I went to yesterday. Basically a bunch of cool science/electronics/crafts stuff concentrated in one place. Here are some videos of some things; the first one is just of various things, the second one is ArcAttack! which has Tesla coils playing music and is pretty cool. SCIENCE!!

Videos for Sept 25, 2010

No create.swf update this week, sorry! I was at MakerFaire for most of the day (it was fun; I will probably make a post about it tomorrow). I tried to work on an update yesterday, but the physics lab write-up took way longer than I had expected (the write-up’s still not done, will probably take most of tomorrow too), so I didn’t have time.

Anyway, videos post! A nice animation thing, Winn EWI video, Keine PV, Keroro dance with a whole lot of characters, and then some other thing.

Edit: Oh wait hmm there seem to be a lot of new videos, part of the ?2??????? tag. Probably should’ve waited for tomorrow, for more videos to be out and then just post them then. Oh well I have included some of them in this post.




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More servo stuff + Folders for sale

Since there aren’t any videos to post for today (I mean, I guess there’s this, but eh), here’s more servo-related hijinks with Reimu (and others!!). Since last time, I’ve made a program in Python that allows easier control of servo rotation. The video after the break shows more of what the program does and what it looks like, etc.

In other news, NForza has some Reitaisai SP alphabet folders for sale. Same deal as usual, except 50 cents more. Contact info can be found in this post.

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Create.swf – VIVIT, Rika, Yuki

Added revised versions of VIVIT, Rika, and Yuki (oh no, she got separated from Mai!) to create.swf. And these things also:

Object: Revolver blade, underpants
Hat: Suika Horns (Alt2)
Back: Dragon tail (Blue)
Body: Kimono (gold), Akius suit
Acc: Monocle+stache

Reimu on a Servo

Okay, so since the blog has been a bit empty recently, I figured I might as well post this today for added content. Yesterday in our microcontrollers class, we received our Arduinos and some other stuff, including servos (well, just one Arduino and one servo per person, I mean). We haven’t learned anything about servos yet (so far we have only covered how to make a program that makes the built-in LED blink on and off), but I am interested in this stuff so I used the internet to learn how servos work, and then made a program that allows me to spin it around by typing in things. So then I decided to put Reimu on it. And that is basically the story behind this video.