NYC Maker Faire 2010

Here is the obligatory blog post about Maker Faire, which I went to yesterday. Basically a bunch of cool science/electronics/crafts stuff concentrated in one place. Here are some videos of some things; the first one is just of various things, the second one is ArcAttack! which has Tesla coils playing music and is pretty cool. SCIENCE!!

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  • :C what a cool way to portrait SCIENCE!! Where I live it’s all about boring exhibitions and talks, not funny, pal, not at all

  • Pfft, Tesla Coils. Theremins are where it’s at.

  • 1. Reminds me of my trips to the Franklin Institute years and years ago. (Only when visiting family in the area on summer vacation, mind.) There wasn’t any therapeutic computer-bashing, though. If you feel the need to work out tech-frustration, there’s always this alternative. (Sadly, there wasn’t any life-size version of Mousetrap, either, but such are the breaks.)

    2. Ah, I see these now and then on Wouldn’t surprise me if most/all of the clips there were from ArcAttack!. A Zun tune or two would be nice to hear on this set-up…though we can leave out the electric danmaku, thanks.

  • I guess you had some fun smashing that pc with a hammer.
    nice, I wish I could’ve done something cool with my weekend

  • A festival for science!? Since when my eyes are like those things at 6:03. Envious.

  • awesome? not a good enough word

  • Natori is pleased about this.

  • when will you make another create.swf update? I may sound rude but………………

  • @neet
    …but you sound rude!
    Shouldn’t you be like thankful that he does it?
    he simply DOES it?!?
    It’s not like he’s getting any money from you to do it.
    How about you make an own create.swf and don’t get any attention for it?

  • The ArcAttack video is simply incredible (though punishing for my speakers XD)! I really wished I was there in person to actually hear and see it. Thanks so much for posting these vides, KirbyM!

  • here are some amazing pictures:

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