Videos for Sept 11, 2011



二次創作同人アニメ「パチュリーが爆発する」 PV



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  • 1. “Portion of Miracle☆Party Opening”
    For a mere 15 seconds, not bad at all. Good sense of motion and mass to the objects, as opposed to the more obvious “CG animated feel” of programs like Custom Girl and even MMD. Well, this still feels CG-animated, but… Anyway, I’m curious who did the voices and all for the audio. Checking Nicovideo, I see it’s a sample of the opening animation from Aquastyle‘s newest game, Mysterious Gensokyo 2: Miracle☆Party.

    2. “Patchouli Explodes” PV
    Sakuya lists for Flandre the three main enemies of vampires: running water, shrine maidens, and the Sun. So Flan destroys the Sun, apparently. (It still looks like light from something is coming in the windows later on…)

    Not bad quality for an amateur production, though I’m not entirely enamored of the character designs. Bit more lip synch problem than usual near the end, too.

    3. “Indoor Vampire Busting Out in Midsummer”
    Ah, a new clip from Iosys. Well, this is saucy. Definitely a bit more…mature look for Remilia than usual, despite the song using one of the more childish voices used for her. I don’t find the music as immediately catchy as “Remilia Destiny”, but it’s a fun remix of her theme song.

    Remilia wants to have fun in the sun at the beach during summer, but of course, she can’t without burning up, so she and Sakuya look for alternatives. Not a new idea in Touhou fan art, but it’s still amusingly done.

  • Um, KirbyM…

    I know it’s been a long time since your last post about anything on THIS subject, but:

    Please don’t forget Hidamari Sketch
    Please don’t forget that your style is from Ume Aoki’s style
    Hidamari Sketch is not dead yet…


    X(‘0’)X Please
    /(‘0’)\ don’t
    O(‘0’)O forget
    [‘]0[‘] us

    ^(‘0’)^ Kirby
    {(-0-)} M


    ^Couldn’t resist!^

  • Coincidink that you posted on 9/11?

  • >Grey Graffiti

    hmmm… what?

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