Pixel art!

I haven’t actually made something in MS Paint for quite a while now. Since my internet connection went down for about two hours earlier today, I decided to make some pixel art in paint. Each character is in a 16×32 pixel area, and has 4 (or less) colors each. Then I decided to draw some more frames and animate it in GIMP! Hooray! Yeah. Anyway, I might update create.swf later today. If not, I’ll update it tomorrow.

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  • For some reason I thought that the teacher character’s hair color would be green.

  • Hmm, who could you be adding to create.swf? Rinnosuke? Genji? Evil Eye Sigma?

  • YES Gimp ftw!!


  • ooh whos the pink haired one?

  • awesome, pixel art is cool
    So is gimp.

  • OMG WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kirby make a rpg with rpg maker!!!!!!!
    The Title: I dont Know XD

  • @Anonymous: Either Rinnosuke or the three mischievous fairies.

    @ChiisaiRamen: Bored-looking character, from some of the daily flashes. She doesn’t appear as often as headphones or long-haired, but she’s still there.

    @Solrack07: Coincidentally, 16×32 is a good sprite size for RPG Maker 2000/2003, so I could potentially make a simple game of some sort using 8bit-style graphics. I haven’t used RPG maker in years, though. I think I might be interested in working with it again. Probably won’t happen though.

  • I was bored, so I made them into icons! http://www.mediafire.com/?mhdqmwrtwmm

    They looked a little pale, so I upped the skin tone a bit. (From #FFFFFF to #FFF1DD) Hope that’s okay, KM.

    ( ゚ 3゚)~♪

  • Reminded me of Cave Story

  • awesome, I’m not the only one who uses GIMP for animation

  • @Ars: That’s fine. The only reason why I used white for the skin tone was because I was trying to use only 4 colors per character. Unnamed and Long-Haired characters actually only have 3 colors, so I probably could have used a more realistic skin color for them. But then the other characters would look weird in comparison because their skin color would be white.

  • OMG, Thats so awesome!! Unnamed Character is in Castle of the Winds! One of the first and most awesome games I ever played xD! Back on a 386SX 24Mhz computer with Windows 3.0!! (not 3.11, but 3.0!!) This blog has officially become COOL.

  • ew…the teacher…is male or female?
    (she cross her fingers and wish: please who be male…XD)

  • @KM: ( ´∀`)

    @Pingy: Great to see another CoTW fan. Now if I can just figure out how much to set their stats too…

    You start off with 45 in each stat, with 50 points to spend. You can only go as high as 72 and as low as 20. Of course, if you lower one stat, the points are saved so you can use them for other stats. 100 points is the max for each, which can only be reached with special potions.

    -STR: 47
    -INT: 67
    -CON: 52
    -DEX: 64
    -Starting HP: 10 / Mana: 6

    That seems alright for an example. Anyone else with ideas for the other characters?

    Game download if you’re interested: http://www.exmsft.com/~ricks/castl11a.zip

    How to set the icons: http://www.activeboard.com/forum.spark?forumID=37911&p=3&topicID=4744461

  • What the heck? Did the server eat my tl;dr post or something? ( ̄△ ̄;)

    Awesome pixel art.
    Third line.

  • Huh. I always pictured long-haired character as a blond.

  • みくみくにしてあげる♪

  • Oh God.
    They’ve begun marching.

  • hooray!

    official colors

  • Not “official” colors. *Canon* colors. Stupid arguments about “official” things are just dumb.

  • @ Vivi: I think teacher is a female

    @Topic: Nice pixel art,! haha they look like a small army, the “Walfas” the “Stuff” ARmy

  • they have something in bokosuka wars.

  • Rock_leet:i hope who Teacher be a sexy female then…XD
    (but need confirmation!)
    pretty pixel art…

  • Add them (your characters) on create.swf for a change Kirby.

  • Will you ever bring the wrath of Mannosuke to these sacred grounds?

  • Hee, cute.

    I don’t think we’re in danger of a Rinnosuke in create.swf, since every single other character is a girl and it wouldn’t work right …

    Although he *is* flat-chested … ;)

  • At least I wasn’t the only one who instantly thought about Cave Story.

    Now I want to play it again

  • Well, for lack of any Contact Me/Us button, I’ll just post my list of Walfas RPG questions here.

    Walfas RPG Questions

    Hello, it’s Ramus. I’m general viewer at Walfas and I have some game design abilities with several programs, though I’m planning on working with RPG Maker for this project. I am hoping to be able to make a relatively short RPG based on your PRG flashes. Nothing long and epic, just enough to kill a few hours. Plus some classic RPG clichés and humor.

    So yeah, set of questions:

    1. Am I allowed to do this?
    2. What should be the art style? (ex. Sketches similar to your flashes, 8bit, etc.)
    3. Who should the main characters be besides Unnamed Character and Long Haired Character?
    4. As far as parodies go, should I include any characters from other games, shows, etc? If they are in the game, should they be bonus bosses, tutorial, etc?
    5. Any special items, events, or other such stuff you want in? (ex. Special weapon for Unnamed Character, some other locations, a minor side quest, etc.)
    6. What should the second form of the evil dude be?
    7. Is there anything else I haven’t covered that you’d want?

    That’s about it. I’m a decent spriter, though if you choose to use sketches from your flashes, I’ll need you to make a normal sized sets for certain characters. I’ll probably end up using music from Touhou is you don’t have any suggestions. Yeah, that’s about it. And expect more questions to come.

  • I have no problem with it; as for the art style, you can do whatever you want.

    For main characters, Unnamed, Headphones, LongHaired, and Bored-looking characters would work fine (most RPGs have like 3-4 people in a party, so if you want to go with 3, you can remove Bored-looking character since she doesn’t really appear as often).

    Do whatever you want with parodies. As for items, just give all of them generic swords, capes, and armor. Side quests would include random “kill x number of y monsters” quests, item collection (either “go to this place and get me this thing” or “get x number of these items from monsters”), and stuff like that.

    Evil dude’s second form would be a giant cat of some sort.

  • i thought the teachers hair would be oarange

  • Huzza for second form! K.O punch is a must

  • “Either Rinnosuke or the three mischievous fairies.”
    I still say you should add Tokiko, at least before you add Rinnosuke. :P

  • It’s too late for that now! *goes to upload a new version of create.swf with Rinnosuke*

  • kirby plz read this!~desu:

    can you please give me a download link for what ever GIF maker you used pleeeease, i want to make a sparta variation of the touhou carameldansen thinger, hopefully it will get a lot of publicity for touhou if i post it on /gif/ and put it on youtube, maybe even having a sparta remix of it if i can get a music maker capable of doing that for free…

    and if you have no idea what caramelldansen is, then http://youtube.com/watch?v=P9DRboDn9bs (the gifs don’t start for about ten seconds

  • Dear KirbyM, I just played some retarded ‘Cirno’s Vengeance (FULL)’ game that was posted around some place ware.. I would link it here but I fear it may taint his pure website with 4chan’s curse…

    What I am asking you, KirbyM, that you could please, Please create a better, cleaner (no 4chan jokes) and superior Cirno vs. Alice game!

    The premise of the game is that Cirno, tired of being stepped on and defeated, tries to find a way to increase her power so that she can defeat Alice, by creating her own Danmaku game! Although in KoG’s version you control Alice, I would imagine the game could play from ether perspective…

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