Videos for Oct 11, 2009

Videos for today: Marisa Stole the Precious thing combined with Overdrive by niji, Marasy playing COOL&CREATE’s “Rabbit of Happiness” song, a Spelunker version of Cirno’s Perfect Math Class, some sort of thing regarding the MAIKAZE anime project (I don’t really know what song it is), and then Cirno’s Perfect Math Class with a lot of Rumia.







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  • Mmm … I only watched the first one. It was okay I guess

  • Oh snap, there were 2 Alices treating the Marisa doll!

  • Hisamoto Rumia thumbnail!

  • 1. “Marisa Stopped at the Precious Affected Area”
    Ahem. Well, name aside, it was a fun mix of the two songs.

    2. Marasy is, as usual, a pleasure to hear and see perform.

    3. Uh…wow. Never played Spelunker, and I only vaguely remember it. This still seems to have taken some effort to rework, and the changes are funny.

    4. “Mayim Mayim” (“Water, Water”) is an Israeli folk dance that’s been around for over seventy years. Various examples can be found online if anyone’s interested.

    5. The whole Donkey Kong hammer gag wore thin on me rather quickly, but Rumia’s fun to watch, and some of the new animations, while crudely edited in, are enjoyable. Sneaking in a little “So nano ka” to the tune of “Night of Knights” got a grin out of me.

  • Its a trademark for Hammer Videos to contain Night of Knights. 11th of every month is also hammer day, hence the Rumia hammer video.

  • I lawled at the rumia one

  • I still think the craziest thing to come out of this weird hammer meme is the fact that someone actually made a Touhou-style Hammer Theme.

    It’s actually pretty damn good, which amazes me.

  • @Prody:

    Guess I haven’t seen enough of the hammer videos to notice. Like I said, the gag wore thin on me rather quickly.

    “11th of every month is also hammer day”
    Where did this start up?

    I was thinking it was missing the horns and some of the digital-sounding keyboard work…and then that all came in. The composer really nailed ZUN’s musical style.

  • The spelunker one is the best thing I’ve seen in the entire day.

  • 1. Alice needs to cut down on the caffcafacienein*mouth foams*
    2. Never seen the original video for this musics, so skipped this one.
    4. I’m waiting for episode 2 to come out for the maikaze anime project. In the mean time, i’m searching for israeli folk dance remixes i guess.

  • 1. LOL
    2-4. I skipped them.
    5. Is that so?

  • 2. I really like Marasy’s stuff… if I had a shred of musical talent, that’s the kind of thing I’d like to be doing.

    4. When you said “ome sort of thing regarding the MAIKAZE anime project”, I had hoped it’d be a promo for the second episode >.<

  • “some”, even.

  • Holy god the mayim mayim is just amazing! Anyone got the sauce for the song used in it?

  • Okay so I’m only just watching these now don’t bug me

    1. The art was replaced, and it was done well. That was what I liked best about this. It was also a pretty fun remix, so that’s also a plus.
    2. Didn’t watch. Never saw the Rabbit of Happiness thing.
    3. Since this one actually seems like this actually took effort and wasn’t just slapped together in an hour or so in some guy’s basement, I give this one a B+.
    4. um
    5. yeah this one doesn’t really come up to par with the others (hammers AND night of nights? why am i no longer amused)

  • I have always loved rabbit of happiness! It’s amazing! Marasy is amazing!

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