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End of Summer

Agh, August is just about over (or maybe it’s already over depending on what timezone you’re in). Every summer vacation, I always get a sense that I didn’t really do anything interesting, even if I actually did. There’s always the feeling that summer vacation is too short, and when it’s about to end, you go “What? It’s ending already?” regardless of whether or not you did anything interesting. If you spend your summer doing interesting things, you won’t want the fun to end, and if you spend your summer doing nothing, you want the vacation to be longer so that you’ll have more time to spend not doing anything. Interesting how that works out. Well anyhow, college orientation starts tomorrow, so my summer vacation is over today! And for the people who still have time to waste before they have to go back do doing stuff… I envy you!

Oh yeah, and I couldn’t think of anything easy-to-draw interesting thing to do besides hang-gliding, so Headphones Character’s memories may be a bit lacking in interestingness. But be assured that she had fun.


I don’t have an iPod and I don’t quite care about them. I just don’t like how people use the terms “iPod” and “MP3 player” interchangeably. It gets annoying sometimes, although I guess people only do it because most audio players people use around here are iPods. Anyhow, the English Language and Composition AP exam is tomorrow!


Had to rush this one a bit. My cousin’s over, and while he’s not exactly annoying (or at least not as annoying as he used to be), I just know that if I were to do anything even remotely interesting on the computer, he’ll stay in the room watching me as I do things until he gets bored, and he definitely won’t stop talking to me; especially since he doesn’t really know about the daily flashes and I don’t quite feel like explaining it to him. So basically I made this while he wasn’t watching. Oh God he just came in with an apple and a knife and started talking about how he spilled sulphuric acid on his pants and has a rash of some sort on his leg, and I’m like “I don’t want to know this, and don’t hold that knife like that, it’s scary” why won’t he leave it’s so annoying agh okay I think he’s leaving now I guess I’ll click the “publish” button before he comes in again