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More Drawings

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I guess as a sequel to the other post about drawings, here is this post with more drawings. This time in SAI Paint Tool rather than Flash. Also randomly created was crazy-looking hair girl. And various other drawings of characters from Toradora and Working!!, ’cause I watched those recently.

Other images can be seen here too, though it has some other random non-drawing things.

How do I

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So, yesterday night and today, I decided to try drawing in a non-chibi/SD style and it actually turned out better than I had expected. Usually they’re terrible but I guess somehow I’ve gotten better at it even though I haven’t really tried drawing this way for a very long time. In the process, I ended up making a character whose catchphrase is “how do I [verb] good”. So here are the images; you can also find them on Twitpic.

Kitsune-musume Papercraft

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Here’s a random fox girl (kitsune-musume) papercraft from this site. It was sorta hard to make; there were tons of small parts that required the use of toothpicks and ended up with multiple failed gluing attempts. I realized I messed up the head after the glue had dried, so I had to remove it, and it didn’t end well. Also, I couldn’t figure out how the hands were supposed to be assembled, so I just sorta just put a bunch of glue on it and randomly pushed things together. It definitely doesn’t look as nice as it’s supposed to, especially the mouth. Interestingly, the head and hair can be removed because they’re not actually glued on to anything, but I can’t really put it on anything because there’s a thing there.

Anyway, I feel like making some animated loops this week, but I don’t really have any ideas. Perhaps something involving Nitori and science, because I already sorta started drawing Nitori.

Marisa Yukkuri Papercraft

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As a continuation of last time’s Reimu Yukkuri papercraft, here’s a Marisa Yukkuri papercraft (From the same website) that I just finished earlier today! Yukkurisa was harder to make, because the hair is more complicated, and then there’s the hat. I think I messed up in gluing some things, and that over-creasing on the bottom right of her face that I can’t fix because the paper has already been creased. Oh well. Anyway, there’s also some cars.

Reimu Yukkuri Papercraft

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Well, as mentioned yesterday, I was making a Yukkuri Reimu papercraft, and I finished it shortly after midnight (so technically I finished it today). Here’s some random pictures of it. There’s no bottom on it, which I thought was sorta weird, but then I realized it made a nice pen holder, since the paper I used was pretty strong. But then I decided not to use it for that since it’s Yukkuri abuse. And then there’s Yukkureimu on a toy car. Yep.

I don’t fully remember why I suddenly decided to attempt to do papercraft stuff, but part of the reason is that my dad bought some nice paper for $11 (and there was a rebate for $10, so essentially it was a dollar). I remember trying to make some papercraft in the past, but I didn’t really have the patience nor the nice-quality paper to do it. Also, probably because that one is probably a bit hard for a beginner to make. Anyway, I’ll probably make a Marisa Yukkuri one sometime later.