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100th daily flash!

It’s the 100th flash! Wanted to go with something big, like that daily flash about the 100,000 pageviews. Only this time, I’ve done more than just copy/paste frames from old flashes; I’ve edited most of the dialogue and added some other things, so now it actually flows together like some sort of weird story! It’s 176 frames long, and it’s sure to bring back some memories of the older daily flashes, if you’ve seen them.

Anyhow, thanks to all the readers who have been following my daily flashes up until now, and for all the feedback you all have provided over the months. 100 daily flashes, wooo! (There’s just something about landmark numbers like 100 that makes people go “wooo!”)

Blocky (and the Forces)

My actual freewrite was actually very similar to this. I just didn’t have all the “yo word up homie g” language in there. And the thing at the end actually happened. Well actually some people thought it was entertaining. I certainly did. Anyway, today it took me literally six hours to do my homework. I got home at around 1 o’clock, started my homework, and I finished at around 7. Seriously! Oh well, only two more days until break! Unfortunately, I have SAT prep tomorrow, and it’s on a Tuesday, so I’ll have to take the subway back to school from the gym. I guess it’s better to have it tomorrow than Wednesday, though, since Wednesday is the day right before break, and it’d suck to have to stay after school like that.