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Videos for Aug 8, 2010

Videos: Toho Kinema Kan preview, some Conagusuri PVs, a Gundam W parody of some sort (probably), then a Remilia and Sakuya PV. Also a link to a Winn EWI video I forgot to post about awhile ago.

??????????? ????????? ????????PV?




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Videos for July 25, 2010

Videos: Bad Apple!! screensaver, a background-only version of that Alice/Patchouli/Marisa rap thing, a MoF version of V-Gundam ED, and some other thing.

????Bad Apple!!???????????????????????


??????UNITED???????????(????only ver+?)

(Nicovideo / Original)

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Finals week, day two. Had vector calc exam, it either went well or it didn’t, and I don’t feel like checking the textbook to see if I did things correctly. I have a physics exam tomorrow and so I studied for about ? hours today. So here’s another video, also related to robots and stuff, except there are no robots in the video. YouTube is being weird right now so I don’t know if the video will show up correctly, but if not, I’m sure it’ll work eventually.

Videos for Dec 27, 2009

Today’s videos post: Bakemonogatari OP parody featuring Suwako, Genshiken OP parody, G Gundam OP parody, some other PV, Utsuho and Koishi in a K-On! thing by Urushi, Prismriver sisters doing various dances, a complete version of an older PV, H@ppy_Together dance, commercials for various games to be released at C77, an arrange of Cirno’s theme on the guitar, Bad Apple!! stuff, then Flandre Christmas light show from SomethingUnreal.

????OP??????????????? / ???????????

(Nicovideo / Comparison)


(Nicovideo / Original)

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Daily Flash #200

Here we are! Daily flash #200! I guess it isn’t technically in the traditional daily flash format, but I thought I had to do something that wasn’t simply copying/pasting random scenes from older daily flashes and changing some of the words, so I decided to make this!

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