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Videos for Mar 8, 2009

Today’s videos! A Locker Room Production flash involving Cirno, a TETLA POT IOSYS flash involving the SA crew, an Urushi dekkaiwa video (parody of this), a Koishi/Satori parody of Usatei, an incomplete OP for MoF, an incomplete parody of Haruhi’s OP (where everyone is Hina), a video by this artist where Youmu goes through training of some sort, and a Reimu parody of the “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru” song by Iori E. Also, as an incredible coincidence, I noticed that the ?-crew ending pose of the Locker Room Production video is incredibly similar to the file folder design in terms of character positioning. Perhaps I subconsciously predicted the future when I made the design! Or not.

???????PV ???????/???????H.264???




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Beowulf (Part I)

It’s Beowulf! No, not the movie, the epic poem. We watched part of the movie in class, and it’s horribly inaccurate (although I guess this version won’t be too accurate either). And not that good. Anyway, this is going to be sort of like the Hamlet flashes from awhile ago, except not Hamlet. Since “Beowulf” is actually just one super-long poem, it doesn’t actually have acts and scenes, so the parts where I decide to stop will be somewhat arbitrary. This first one is actually before Beowulf actually arrives, so I guess it’s sorta like an intro. Like the Hamlet flashes, don’t expect this to be too textually-accurate either. I mean, really.


Just a bunch of random drawings. It’s fun to make stuff like this once in awhile.

100th daily flash!

It’s the 100th flash! Wanted to go with something big, like that daily flash about the 100,000 pageviews. Only this time, I’ve done more than just copy/paste frames from old flashes; I’ve edited most of the dialogue and added some other things, so now it actually flows together like some sort of weird story! It’s 176 frames long, and it’s sure to bring back some memories of the older daily flashes, if you’ve seen them.

Anyhow, thanks to all the readers who have been following my daily flashes up until now, and for all the feedback you all have provided over the months. 100 daily flashes, wooo! (There’s just something about landmark numbers like 100 that makes people go “wooo!”)


Sorry, no actual flash-related updates today either. Here’s the Hidamari Sketch OP (which is done being subbed, by the way… I’ll get to watching that later this week) with Haruhi characters. Comparison version here. Yeah, this isn’t really relevant to anything, I just thought it was interesting. Anyway, the next flash will be uploaded sometime tomorrow, probably around noon-ish.