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Miyako Run

Second scheduled post! Hopefully I’m having fun in California right now! Anyway, this time it’s another Hidamari Sketch animation: Miyako running (or whatever) across the screen!

Yuno Jump

First scheduled post while I am in California! A very simple animation of Yuno from Hidamari Sketch jumping (or would it be hopping?) across the screen! In related news, Hidamari Sketch × ??? began airing recently.

Videos for June 7, 2009

Today’s videos… yeah. Two of them. First one is yet another K-On! thing (an incomplete version of the OP; not much actual animation until near the end), and the second one is some other thing. Not a very interesting week in terms of videos, I guess. Well, besides the new Nico medley stuff, which is actually quite awesome (but since the song is over 10 minutes long, there aren’t many versions of it uploaded to youtube since it doesn’t allow videos that long, and the ones that are up are split into different parts which isn’t so awesome).





Here‘s Marasy playing the new Nico medley. And here‘s a video of Hidamari Sketch songs played on a guitar, why not.

Remi+Flan Dance


Since this post’s ID is #666, here’s an obligatory Remilia+Flandre flash. I don’t really draw Flandre with regular clothes too often, but I decided that it’d look weird for her to have a plain pink shirt if I drew Remilia’s regular clothes. Also, I realized awhile ago that I don’t really draw Remilia too often; and she hasn’t actually appeared in any Touhou flashes yet. Anyway, the song is track 33 of the Hidamari Sketch OST. No videos post today because I’m posting this instead! Videos post will probably be tomorrow.

Misamari Sketch



The combination of two awesome things: Hidamari Sketch and Touhou! This is a parody of Hidamari Sketch’s Season 1 OP, “Sketch Switch,” but of course, with Touhou characters. Here’s the artist’s pixiv page if anyone’s interested (just because it’s linked to in the video description on nicovid). If you’re looking for more videos to watch, don’t forget yesterday’s other post! And now, the rest of this post will be about how awesome Hidamari Sketch is (and some other things).

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