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[C79] Folder images

Here’s some images of the folders available tomorrow at C79 for anyone who’s going.



Previous C79 post can be found here.

Comiket 79



C79 is coming up! More info can be found here.

++ Books ++
(New) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 Study Guide 400 yen
(Reprint) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 800 yen

++ Folders++
(New) Akyu File Folder (name still TBD) 200 yen
(Reprint) Walfas Create.swf File Folder Ver.??? 200 yen
NEW HORI-ZUN Alphabet File Folder 200 yen
Alice File Folder 300 yen (plans to lower price)
IS THAT SO File Folder 200 yen (low stock)

++ Other ++
Small Buttons (Round) 100 yen
Aki Sisters Button (Square) 200 yen (low stock)



Well it’s not time for the Sunday videos post yet but this thing gets its own post because it’s relevant to the site. Here’s a neat create.swf version of the Little Busters OP by the person who made these other MADs (is what I’m assuming, since the list is linked to in the video).

C78 Videos Post

First up, NForza has some New Hori-ZUN books to sell, so if you are interested, please refer to this post for contact info, etc.

Secondly, here’s Toho Kinema Kan and ??PVD videos:

Toho Kinema Kan


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[C78] New Hori-ZUN 2

The sequel to New Hori-ZUN 1 will be available at Comiket 78 in Japan in August! I posted this on pixiv awhile ago but now I’m gonna post it here too! Here is some information regarding the booth location and date, for anyone who might be going:


?6 “?”21a

This time it was more of a collaborative effort, organized by NForza, with art by Miluda, ???? (Ohisama), and myself.

A preview of one of the chapters can be found here. Some information can also be found on ddiction.org.