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Videos for Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!





【MAD】 Puchi Touhou – X’mas Special 2 【1/2】

Videos for Feb 6, 2011

This week, another cool video by KamiNekoYu, and then more nyanyanya(etc)

?MAD? Sweets Time – Scarlet Chronicle



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Videos for Nov 7, 2010

Videos for today: IOSYS PV starring Cirno, a World’s End Dancehall video with a whole lot of Touhou characters, a Cirno Catcher thing by KamiNekoYu, and then an Ika Musume thing starring Suwako.



??????????????????????????? DX?????


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Videos for June 6, 2010

Videos! PC-98 Touhou version of ef ~ a tale of melodies OP, Tewi PV by KamiNekoYu, ver0.1 of a Nitori PV, and a Suwako version of that Night of Nights thing.


(Nicovideo / Original)

?MAD? Inaba of the Earth (Chijou no Inaba) – ??????????

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【PV】 ☢Unyutei☢ (SE) – ウニュテイ (SE) 【Nuclear Fusion】

?PV? ?Unyutei? (SE) – ????? (SE) ?Nuclear Fusion?


? CAUTION: An Utsuho version of Usatei by KamiNekoYu ?