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Videos for Dec 20, 2009

Videos for today! Finished version of noya‘s Search&Caved PV, Yukkuri voice version of Bad Apple!!, Youmu parody of Shakugan no Shana, something about Marisa being a singer, a PV with really Engrishy lyrics, Alice driving a car (sort of) to the tune of RED ZONE, and ASCII Bad Apple!!.



Bad Apple!!??????ver.


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【東方】search&caved-見敵必掘- PV風【ラフ版】



Here is a nifty PV (I guess it’s a draft version) by noya involving Keine and some random youkai attackers. And Mokou’s in it too.

As for why I’m posting this today instead of Sunday, I had way too much homework to do today.

Keine Cowbell

Well, as suggested, here’s Keine with a cowbell. Don’t have much time to color it, so it will remain in black and white! The swinging animation is probably way wider than it should be, I guess. Oh well.

Create.swf – Byakuren

Added Byakuren Hiziri to create.swf, along with the stuff in the following image (in the full post). Four backgrounds (I didn’t know what to name them), and some objects. The first new background is probably the most accurate background in create.swf so far.

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Videos for Aug 16, 2009

Tons of videos! An IOSYS PV starring Suika (by Noya), an IaMP-themed EWI video by Winn, an IOSYS PV starring Alice, a PV starring Sakuya, some more Touhou characters sliding through a box (this one is a good one), a Touhou sound test thing with MoF stuff, Rumia+Hammer+REDZONE, hammer stole the precious thing, Sakuya and Remilia go brutal, a Keine thing, a Shugo Chara parody, and then a comparison version of Sakuya’s freakout with the original.

????Club Ibuki in Break All????


??????20?Demystify Feast?????


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