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Videos for Sept 25, 2010

No create.swf update this week, sorry! I was at MakerFaire for most of the day (it was fun; I will probably make a post about it tomorrow). I tried to work on an update yesterday, but the physics lab write-up took way longer than I had expected (the write-up’s still not done, will probably take most of tomorrow too), so I didn’t have time.

Anyway, videos post! A nice animation thing, Winn EWI video, Keine PV, Keroro dance with a whole lot of characters, and then some other thing.

Edit: Oh wait hmm there seem to be a lot of new videos, part of the ?2??????? tag. Probably should’ve waited for tomorrow, for more videos to be out and then just post them then. Oh well I have included some of them in this post.




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Videos for Aug 2, 2009

Today’s videos: An Urushi video for a new IOSYS album (I was surprised!), a parody of a Keroro ED, a PV starring the EoSD crew, and Night of Nights with video/sound from Japanese Fanta commercials. And then some links to two marasy videos on Nicovideo.




(Nicovideo / Original)

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