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Walfas 3-year Anniversary

Hmm so I guess it’s been three years now. The standard procedure for anniversary posts is to post a whole lot of links to old stuff. So that is what this post will be!

Also this year was probably the least interesting year so far due to college and other stuff such as me losing interest, running out of ideas, and not updating daily. Though when going through all the posts made this year, I was surprised I was still able to find a lot of stuff. I guess it’s just the past few months that seemed very inactive (also the fact that I haven’t made a daily flash since April). Oh well.

After this year, I guess it’s all downhill from here, folks! Is what I am assuming, but that sounds terribly negative, so… yeah.

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Daily Flash #300

After many weeks of procrastination, here is the 300th daily flash! 300 frames of random drawings and text. It took quite awhile because I was procrastinating.

Unnamed Character Confetti

This blog post’s ID is 1000, so here is a celebratory animation of Unnamed Character throwing some confetti! Or at least some colored dots. Also, you may have noticed a lack of daily flashes recently. That’s partially because I’m procrastinating, and partially because I have no idea what to make them about! Especially that 300th daily flash, ’cause there’s no way it’ll live up to the 200th one! Oh no!

SA Marisa + create.swf landmark

Added Marisa‘s outfit from Subterranean Animism. Coincidentally, this is the 100th character to be added to create.swf! Well technically not really since there’s alternate outfits for certain characters (Yukari, Yuka, Alice, Reimu, and Marisa again), but this would be the 100th… uhh… unique costume? I don’t really know what it would be called, but you get the point! Yeah! Excellent. Who else can be added? Reisen II? Anyone else?

Daily Flash #200

Here we are! Daily flash #200! I guess it isn’t technically in the traditional daily flash format, but I thought I had to do something that wasn’t simply copying/pasting random scenes from older daily flashes and changing some of the words, so I decided to make this!

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