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[C79] Folder images

Here’s some images of the folders available tomorrow at C79 for anyone who’s going.



Previous C79 post can be found here.

Comiket 79



C79 is coming up! More info can be found here.

++ Books ++
(New) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 Study Guide 400 yen
(Reprint) NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 1 800 yen

++ Folders++
(New) Akyu File Folder (name still TBD) 200 yen
(Reprint) Walfas Create.swf File Folder Ver.??? 200 yen
NEW HORI-ZUN Alphabet File Folder 200 yen
Alice File Folder 300 yen (plans to lower price)
IS THAT SO File Folder 200 yen (low stock)

++ Other ++
Small Buttons (Round) 100 yen
Aki Sisters Button (Square) 200 yen (low stock)

More servo stuff + Folders for sale

Since there aren’t any videos to post for today (I mean, I guess there’s this, but eh), here’s more servo-related hijinks with Reimu (and others!!). Since last time, I’ve made a program in Python that allows easier control of servo rotation. The video after the break shows more of what the program does and what it looks like, etc.

In other news, NForza has some Reitaisai SP alphabet folders for sale. Same deal as usual, except 50 cents more. Contact info can be found in this post.

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Reitaisai SP – Alphabet folder

???SP, R-28a

Reitaisai SP is on September 19th! There will be some Walfas stuff for sale there, including this new folder with letters of the alphabet! As always, more info can be found on ddiction (English here). For anyone who is going to that, the booth location is R-28a.

Edit: Image changed to a picture of the actual folder. For the thing from before, click here. Also here’s a close-up of Suwako.

C78 Videos Post

First up, NForza has some New Hori-ZUN books to sell, so if you are interested, please refer to this post for contact info, etc.

Secondly, here’s Toho Kinema Kan and ??PVD videos:

Toho Kinema Kan


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