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Videos for Nov 13, 2011









(Nicovideo / Original)
Angel Beats parody of some sort!

【第4回MMD杯本選】 東方で「ルノワールVSセザンヌ」


(Original / Nicovideo)

I don’t really understand most of this but I still found it entertaining so I will post this ’cause I don’t particularly have anything else of interest to post!

Oh wait except maybe that I had a pretty neat dream today and decided to start a tumblr account specifically to write about interesting dreams I might have in the future. And that may possibly be the last time I mention the tumblr account on here so yeah.

Videos for Jan 10, 2010

Today’s videos: A sketch version of a TH12.3 OP, Chen, Shou, and Orin doing part of the Prismrivers dance from that other video, and then a Keine and Mokou thing.





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Videos for Jan 3, 2010

Not too many videos this week — at least not videos that can be understood by people who don’t know Japanese! There were actually a lot of M-1 videos, but those rely a lot on… you know, actually understanding what they’re saying. In any case, three videos today, and one of them is actually from last week. First is a Keine thing, then a Mokou thing, and then a music thing.



???PV???????????OTAKU-ELITE Recordings?


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