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More cat spazzing + Font

Here’s yet another random spazzing cat, just because.

In other news, yesterday I wasted some time making a font from my handwriting using a trial version of FontCreator. I guess it might come in handy eventually, but it’s also quite nifty to be able to type stuff and have it appear in your handwriting.

And in other news yet again, there’s a new Nico medley. I wonder if I’m forgetting any other random news that could be included in this post. Probably not.

組曲『ニコニコ動画』 全自動マリオVer (And site maintenance)

(Nicovideo link)

Here’s the 10-minute nicovideo song, accompanied with sounds from a few automatic Mario levels! No daily flash today, sorry.

In other news, as you may have noticed, the site goes down randomly sometimes, and I’m pretty sure I know why. A few months ago, the site’s host (ipowerweb) created some sort of new hosting platform with a bunch of new features and an updated admin panel or something, and requested for everyone to transfer all their stuff over to the new platform. This has happened before with another host (although it was one of those lame free hosts), and it definitely didn’t turn out well, so I didn’t really want to deal with transferring things until I absolutely knew I had to.

This site’s still on the old platform, and I’ve never gotten around to moving the stuff over; mostly because I like preserving the “date modified” things on uploaded files and whatever. Well luckily, the host has an automatic “account migration tool” that I can use to do it automatically, but doing so would take ~36 hours, which is a bit long considering that I update the site daily and this would mean I’d miss a day of updates.

I got an email on Monday (and I didn’t check that email account until earlier today) saying that I’d need to have the site on the new platform by May 19th, leaving me with about 11 days left. I figured I might as well start it soon and get it over with, rather than doing it on May 19th and encounter a bunch of problems that I can’t fix. So with that in mind, after I update create.swf tomorrow, I’m gonna shut down the site temporarily for about 36 hours (although I think I’ll just disable commenting and keep everything else up, if that’s possible). I probably won’t be updating the day after that (or if I do, you just won’t be able to comment until the next day), but it’ll probably just be a YouTube video anyhow, so you won’t be missing out on much. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong! I’ll go back up the SQL database now just in case.


(Nicovideo link here)

Here’s the 14-minute Nicovideo song being sung by Hong Kong (a person who goes by the internet name of Hong Kong, not the entire population of Hong Kong, although I guess that would be quite interesting). I think this is the first time I’ve heard the song with someone singing the lyrics, so the creator gets points for that. Points for what, I don’t know.


Misao from Lucky Star sings (er, would this be considered “singing”?) that 10-minute Nicovideo song!


That 10-minute niconico song… complete with your daily recommended dosage of Windows sounds!