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Reitaisai SP – Alphabet folder

???SP, R-28a

Reitaisai SP is on September 19th! There will be some Walfas stuff for sale there, including this new folder with letters of the alphabet! As always, more info can be found on ddiction (English here). For anyone who is going to that, the booth location is R-28a.

Edit: Image changed to a picture of the actual folder. For the thing from before, click here. Also here’s a close-up of Suwako.

Walfas @ Reitaisai 7

Reitaisai 7 is just around the corner! March 14th (Oh boy, it’s also pi day)! So anyway, for anyone who’s going, you can find Walfas merchandise at the ddiction booth at…


Along with a bunch of older stuff (NEW HORI-ZUN 1, ?-crew folders, create.swf folders, Aki sisters folders, and Yuyuko keychains), there’s also a new folder design in collaboration with ????PYS, featuring Rumia. The front will be a transparent silhouette of Rumia in Michael Jackson’s “This is it” pose. If you have a pixiv account, you can view the original here. The transparency on the front allows you to see through to the back of the folder, with the rest of the EoSD cast on a stage.

I also submitted something to the Parsee Anthology Project (same organizer as the Aki sisters anthology project), and more information about it can be found on the site.

Yuyuko Keychains + Burger Reimu

(Reitaisai / ddiction)

Here are some pictures of the Yuyuko keychains (announced in this post) that Talka took after the box arrived! Reitaisai is tomorrow (since it’s already the 7th in Japan, and it takes place on the 8th), so if anyone’s going, make sure to visit booth ?47b to get a Yuyuko keychain and perhaps even some ?-crew file folders and some other things from the western Touhou community (like a physical copy of Another Dream)! Again, that’s ?47b as in Ku-47b! Also, apparently there’s also going to be a sketchbook where people can draw and leave messages for me to read after the event, so be sure to write and/or draw something too! Let’s hope it goes well. Am I forgetting anything? Anyway, for more information, you can go to Talka’s site at ddiction.org. And again, the booth can be found at ?47b!

And in other news, looks like someone made a ROM hack of the game BurgerTime and changed the sprites to Reimu-Burger-related things. I’ve never played the original game nor the ROM hack, but the fact that someone made one is quite awesome. Here’s the site.

Walfas @ Reitaisai

Well, as announced on ddiction awhile ago, Talka was accepted to Reitaisai awhile ago, and at the event, Yuyuko keychains will be sold (along with some more file folders)! There’ll also be some other things from the western Touhou community sold at the booth as well, since Reitaisai is such a huge event (discussion thread here).

The file folders are also available at three online doujin shops now (but only one, White Canvas, ships internationally). However, Talka has plans to sell them through email requests and paypal sometime in the future as well.

(Didn’t have too much time to make a daily flash today, due to my procrastination involving schoolwork that I should’ve done a week ago)

チルノとプリン体 – Touhou Beer, Beer

This is what happens when Touhou characters drink beer. As for Suika, she’s probably always like that.

Anyway, Reitaisai’s over; Subterranean Animism Demo and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody are out, hooray! I haven’t played either of them though, so I don’t actually have anything else to say about them.