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Reimu on a Servo

Okay, so since the blog has been a bit empty recently, I figured I might as well post this today for added content. Yesterday in our microcontrollers class, we received our Arduinos and some other stuff, including servos (well, just one Arduino and one servo per person, I mean). We haven’t learned anything about servos yet (so far we have only covered how to make a program that makes the built-in LED blink on and off), but I am interested in this stuff so I used the internet to learn how servos work, and then made a program that allows me to spin it around by typing in things. So then I decided to put Reimu on it. And that is basically the story behind this video.



Here’s this Kogasa PV. IN OTHER NEWS, I am done with classes for this semester!! Took finals for P.chem and HSS2 (a humanities class) today, and presented my digital logic design project (the final circuit has a nicer-looking lighting pattern and other stuff). And now I am done!! Here is a Tumblr entry about finals week. So yeah, I finished my first year of college! Awesome!




Another ZUN-art video by kamS!

Finals week, day 5: took differential equations exam, it went really well, although this is assuming that what I thought was doing correctly was actually the correct way of doing it. Then I went to the EE lab to work on my digital logic design project for several hours. The project is due on Monday, and I also have two other finals that day, so I don’t think I’ll have any time to update create.swf tomorrow; I’ll try to do it on a weekday or something though, since I don’t have anymore classes or exams after Monday.



Apparently a Mazinger Z parody, which means… more giant robots! I wonder what’s with all the mecha-related videos recently.

Anyway, no exams today, but studied a whole lot for tomorrow’s differential equations exam.



Flandre messes around with things! Brought to you by the creator of this other video.

Anyway, today was day three of finals week; the physics final was today, and it is pretty clear from everyone that no one did well on that. But our physics exams are always curved so your grade just depends on how much worse everyone else did (the professor reminded us of this in an email sent out shortly after we had taken the exam). So yeah.