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Merry Christmas 2008!


Merry Christmas, everybody! Christmas sort of just snuck up on me this year; I didn’t even realize how close it was until just a few days ago. For almost the past year, I’ve been thinking “Yeah, I should probably make another one of those Touhou flashes; I haven’t done one in a long time” but never actually got around to it (Still have part of an unfinished flash just sitting there, unopened since July).

So when I remembered Christmas was coming, I thought I might as well actually make one of these again. I spent all day yesterday and a short part of today rushing to put this together, and I’m sure it does feels rushed and not completely thought through. But then again, when I first started making these, I made like… one a day (Look back to the end of August and the beginning of September in the site archives), and none of them were really well thought through either.

Anyway, yeah… Christmas is here! Parsee dislikes Christmas and wants to put an end to it, much like How the Grinch stole Christmas.


So yeah, how about those telemarketers? I actually did this once; I let the person talk for like three minutes until there was silence, and then I just hung up.