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For some reason, when making this daily flash, the only series that came to my mind were ones where the protagonist does have parents who appear onscreen. Strange.

Anyway, I started watching Sketchbook a few days ago, and I like it. Coincidentally, as far as I’ve seen, there are no parents in this series either. There was one episode where I thought there was a parent, but it turned out to be an older sister. How suspicious…

Misamari Sketch



The combination of two awesome things: Hidamari Sketch and Touhou! This is a parody of Hidamari Sketch’s Season 1 OP, “Sketch Switch,” but of course, with Touhou characters. Here’s the artist’s pixiv page if anyone’s interested (just because it’s linked to in the video description on nicovid). If you’re looking for more videos to watch, don’t forget yesterday’s other post! And now, the rest of this post will be about how awesome Hidamari Sketch is (and some other things).

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