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Touhou Merchandise (3)

The sequel of the sequel! Today, a fairly large box (at least compared to the boxes I’m used to) came in the mail from Talka, containing some nifty gifts! Probably the most awesome would be the Miyako (from Hidamari Sketch) plush! Most of the stuff is event catalogues from various Touhou events (full of circle cuts and free space drawings).

There were also a bunch of keychains and file folders (along with a drawing someone made for me at Reitaisai back in March), chocolate with Flandre wrappers, Reimu and Sakuya figures, Grimoire of Marisa and Strange and Bright Nature Deity 1 (Talka actually sent the second one over a few months ago), and… blah, there’s so much stuff and I don’t really feel like explaining all of it.

I also ended up taking way more photos than I thought I was going to. Even took pictures of the bubble wrap and the box after I went through the stuff and removed the wrapping. Picture quality is pretty bad ’cause it’s just a cellphone camera, though. Anyhow, thanks again, Talka!! (If my calculations are correct, Parsee will probably arrive soon with her jealousy)

Buying Walfas file folders

Talka gave a bunch of file folders to a friend to sell overseas, so if you wanted one (for a slightly higher price than originally advertised, due to shipping prices), here is your chance! Here’s what NForza has to say!

“The Aki Sisters one will go for $6.50 shipped and the other two (first one, second one) will go for $5 shipped. If they order more than 1 it’ll be a better value though, only another $3 or $4 per additional folder.” And he only takes Paypal. If you would like to order some, or would like some more information, send an email to NForza at the email address below.

Update (8/27/2009): Create.swf folders have sold out!

(Today’s other post can be found here)

Comiket 76

??? C76?????????? N – 44b ????? ?2009?8?15??

Update (I forgot to include this when I made this post yesterday): If you plan on going to C76 and plan on visiting the booth, you should read the latest two entries on ddiction (The posts titled “Comic Market 76 Information” and “Additional Comiket 76 Information”) for more information!

Well, Comiket 76 starts in a few days, and here are some things to check out if you’re going! First is the Aki Sisters Anthology Project, a book with a bunch of Aki-sisters-themed stories and images, with some contributions from English-speaking Touhou fans (The list can be found on the site, above the image of the Aki sister keychains and below the other image)!

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Create.swf File Folders

And it’s almost time for yet another Touhou-related event! This time Talka will be at Akatsuki no Utage (translated to “Scarlet Moon Ball”), selling these create.swf file folders! Same type as last time, just with a different design. The front has Windows characters (not including characters from the UFO demo), and the back has some PC-98/Other characters. Of course, there’ll be stuff from previous events as well. The event is on May 6th (?????????) and the booth location is at ?11. There, I bolded the important parts so that non-English speakers can easily find what they need to know!

Anyway, more information can be found on ddiction. Actually, I guess there’s less information on there than there is on here, but that’s okay.


Added Ichirin and Unzan to create.swf! I pretty much just traced Unzan and the fists straight from the game, because there’s no way I could possibly draw him looking threatening in any way. Oh yeah, I also added a new (but not really new) background that I actually made… almost ten months ago, I guess.

In other news, Fuhai Komachi 5 was yesterday, and here’s a picture of the booth! Apparently ZUN was at the event and passed by the booth, and Talka got to give him a Yuyuko and Kaguya+Twuck keychain, which is quite awesome. Quite.