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Videos for Mar 6, 2011

A whole bunch of Mesopota videos and then some other things

???PV? Double Flutter ????Short ver.?


???????PV? ?S complex ????Short ver.?


???PV? The Subterranean Prominence ????Short ver.?






????? ??????????




Also these two things which are pretty neat and related to this site but not really very Touhou-related

Walfas Daily Flash ????? (Nico ver w/ extras)
Walfas – Miku – Popipo (dA)

Create.swf – Iku (Revised)

Added a revised version of Iku to create.swf. Also the following:

Obj: Katamari Kinoko, Tokin (colorable), Grimoire Opened 2, Marisa Hat, Sledgehammer, Hatchet, Cherry, Iku Dance Pose 2
Hat: Mima Bandana, Mima Bandana (2), Aviator Hat
Body: Wonderland Rabbit, Black
Acc: Reisen II Ears 2
BG: Street intersection
Hair: Sakuya (Inu)

“Tenshi (2)” renamed to “Tenshi (2A)”
“Tenshi (2B)” has been added as a hairstyle and preset char
“Wolf” object now colorable
“Mima (HRtP)” added as a preset

Create.swf – Tenshi (Revised)

Added a revised version of Tenshi (with much fancier hair) to create.swf. Also:

Obj: Explosion, Grimoire Opened (Colorable), Teacup (Suits) (Colorable), Shiruken, Chains, Kitsune, Wolf, Saw, Dog, Popcorn Bag, Mr. Saturn
Hair: Reimu (2 None)*, Reimu (2 Short None)*, Reimu (2 Alt None)*, Fauxhawk
Hat: Mushroom Cap, Reimu (2 Alt), White Band, Yellow Band, Snorkel, Knight Helm, Reisen II ears
Acc: Tewi Ears 2, Reisen Ears 2, Reisen II Ears, Stubble
Arm: Alice (in W), Mystia (Black)
Back: 4 Angel Wings
Body: Maid (Dark Blue)
Item: Alice’s Grimoire 2

*Had no idea what to name them, but basically Reimu hair without the hair accessories

Pet Tenshi

(html / swf)

Thanks to Thefre and his actionscript abilities, we have a functional pet* Tenshi simulator, based on that Tenshi Rock flash from last week! Throw rocks at Tenshi, or give her the rock and let her throw it at an invisible wall! There are also a few achievements to be unlocked (because everyone loves achievements), so you can waste even more time! Fun times for all!

The embedded flash may be a bit small, so I have included links to an html page with a larger embedded flash and a link to the swf file itself.

*Please note that the word “pet” is being used as a noun rather than a verb. There is no petting in this flash.

Update (Feb 2, 2010, 9:21PM Eastern):
Here is a new thing!! Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to change the rock graphic to some other things that are not rocks.

Tenshi Rock

This is named “Tenshi Rock” simply because Tenshi is in it, and there is a rock (or possibly an infinite number of identical rocks). Another version of possible Tenshi rock can be found here.

In other news, problems from college-level physics textbooks are much more difficult than those from high school textbooks. That is all.