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Another ZUN-art video by kamS!

Finals week, day 5: took differential equations exam, it went really well, although this is assuming that what I thought was doing correctly was actually the correct way of doing it. Then I went to the EE lab to work on my digital logic design project for several hours. The project is due on Monday, and I also have two other finals that day, so I don’t think I’ll have any time to update create.swf tomorrow; I’ll try to do it on a weekday or something though, since I don’t have anymore classes or exams after Monday.



Flandre messes around with things! Brought to you by the creator of this other video.

Anyway, today was day three of finals week; the physics final was today, and it is pretty clear from everyone that no one did well on that. But our physics exams are always curved so your grade just depends on how much worse everyone else did (the professor reminded us of this in an email sent out shortly after we had taken the exam). So yeah.




Busy with finals week, had a final exam for digital logic design today, was kinda bleh (but apparently no one else thought they did well either so hopefully there will be a generous grading curve). Anyway, here’s this thing with robots or something.

Equilibrium Constants

Pretty much the equivalent of RTFQ in this case, in some ways. On the first chem test this semester, I got like ? points off because I didn’t see the value for a constant (not an equilibrium constant, though) at the top of the first page, and I ended up using the wrong one for the whole test. Gosh darn! Also, bringing chem lab equipment into a written exam would probably be pretty interesting to see, actually.

Grade Analysis

This is a pretty accurate depiction of my (as well as many of my classmates’) thought process when it comes to test grades! I figure it’s impossible for me to get an A in chemistry with only one test left, but on the bright side, even if I get a 63 on the next test, I’ll still have a B average! And then I apply that same thought process to almost all my other classes! Probably not good to think that way, but it’s sorta comforting to know how much you can fail without failing!