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Videos for Sept 4, 2011


(Nicovideo / Original)







Videos for Nov 22, 2010

Didn’t get to add a video post yesterday, but here it is today! A version of the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OP with SA characters by Urushi, a completed version of the Ika Musume OP with MoF characters, another sort of general PV with EoSD characters, some sort of Love Plus thing with Suwako, Kanako, and Sanae, and then another create.swf thing from Nicovideo that I couldn’t find on YouTube.

???? ????????????? ?????OP???




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Videos for Sept 25, 2010

No create.swf update this week, sorry! I was at MakerFaire for most of the day (it was fun; I will probably make a post about it tomorrow). I tried to work on an update yesterday, but the physics lab write-up took way longer than I had expected (the write-up’s still not done, will probably take most of tomorrow too), so I didn’t have time.

Anyway, videos post! A nice animation thing, Winn EWI video, Keine PV, Keroro dance with a whole lot of characters, and then some other thing.

Edit: Oh wait hmm there seem to be a lot of new videos, part of the ?2??????? tag. Probably should’ve waited for tomorrow, for more videos to be out and then just post them then. Oh well I have included some of them in this post.




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Videos for Sept 12, 2010

Today’s videos post! PCB-themed PV, a Suika thing, two PVs for this music CD thing (one of which we have already seen a shorter version of), and then a Flandre and Remilia thing.

???? ??????the maximum moving about? ????PV?




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Videos for Sept 5, 2010

Extended version of Seto no Hanayome ED2 (Earlier version here), a Touhou parody of Time Crisis 3, and then some sort of dance with Koishi and Flandre.





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