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Videos for July 31, 2011

【東方】Japan Expo用PV 満福神社×幽閉サテライト【アニメ】






Cirno is a Genius – Pork Chop Sandwiches



(Nicovideo / Original)



Videos for Mar 6, 2011

A whole bunch of Mesopota videos and then some other things

???PV? Double Flutter ????Short ver.?


???????PV? ?S complex ????Short ver.?


???PV? The Subterranean Prominence ????Short ver.?






????? ??????????




Also these two things which are pretty neat and related to this site but not really very Touhou-related

Walfas Daily Flash ????? (Nico ver w/ extras)
Walfas – Miku – Popipo (dA)

Create.swf – Yuka, Yukari

Added revised versions of Yuka (PC-98 pajamas version) and Yukari (PCB version). Also these things:

Arms: kimono (purple), kimono (maroon)
Item: Sanae’s stick 2, sword of some sort
Back: blue dragon, blue dragon wings
Body: white suit 2
Mouth: 82

Yuka Watering

Scheduled post number 4! At first, this was an animation of Yuka watering some rapidly-growing sunflowers, but then I looked at the name I chose (yuka_watering.swf) and thought “Hmm, it makes it seem like Yuka is the one being watered,” and suddenly I got the idea of Yukas being watered by other watered Yukas! Hooray! Anyway, the original version of the flash can be found in the full post:

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Create.swf – Yuka (Revised)

Added a revised version of Yuka to create.swf! Also included are: 6 new backgrounds, ice sword, closed pink umbrella, and chessboard as objects (sword and umbrella are also items), Santa hat and clothes, new face and mouth, and pentagram can now be colorized. This update took a loooooooong time to make. Must have been the backgrounds.