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Yuyuko eats a bunch of things! It gets more interesting after 3:30 (though even then it’s still a bit unnecessarily repetitive). But if you only watch one thing from this video, it should be 3:43 to 3:47… just because! Now it is the end of this blog post!

Santa edits

Since I spent much of today watching things on YouTube, here’s some Christmas edits I made to some older animations. Pretty much just color swapping and adding Santa hats. Except the last one.

Yuyuko eating turkeys

A conveyor belt, yeah! Happy American Thanksgiving!

Videos for Nov 15, 2009

Woaaaah okay so there’s a lot of videos this week. Most of them are “Bad Apple!!” related. I will edit this post very soon with what the videos are about. Summer colors PV, Bambi playing Cirno’s Perfect Math Class (the slow version), some ZUN art stuff from kamS, Youmu being a gardener, Aki sisters doing stuff, followed by a bunch of Bad Apple!! stuff.




(Nicovideo / Original)

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Videos for Oct 18, 2009

Today’s videos post consists of: A Chen/Ran PV based on a COOL&CREATE song, a Reisen/Tewi thing based on Interstellar Flight from Macross Frontier, a Reisen-themed PV based on an InnocentKey song, and then a Gameboy chiptunes version of Border of Life.




(Nicovideo / Original)

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