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Arduino KS0108 touchscreen Marisa program

So I made this Marisa touchscreen pet thing with monochrome graphics based on Patchcon’s Marisa sprites. Touching the screen produces a mushroom, and Marisa walks toward it. If you leave her alone long enough, she does some actions, until you create another mushroom or one appears on its own.

More info and souce/sprites here.

RGB LED on Ustream

Whoops, Christmas is over, but here’s this thing I’m going to try to keep online overnight until I wake up tomorrow. I’ve been working on stuff over at the Walf|EE blog and this Ustream thing is basically just a cool non-Touhou-related thing I thought I might mention over here as well. Type “!rgb # # #” into the chat (where # is an integer from 0 to 255, for example “!rgb 255 128 255”) and the LED will crossfade into that color.

Edit: Okay, stream’s over! Surprised it stayed up all night without disconnecting.

GLCD Running Marisa

Here’s Marisa running on my Arduino-powered 128×64 monochrome graphical LCD screen. In related news, I’ve started a separate blog for electronics stuff which I will probably be updating more frequently. There’s lots of other neat stuff on there too.

NYC Maker Faire 2010

Here is the obligatory blog post about Maker Faire, which I went to yesterday. Basically a bunch of cool science/electronics/crafts stuff concentrated in one place. Here are some videos of some things; the first one is just of various things, the second one is ArcAttack! which has Tesla coils playing music and is pretty cool. SCIENCE!!

More servo stuff + Folders for sale

Since there aren’t any videos to post for today (I mean, I guess there’s this, but eh), here’s more servo-related hijinks with Reimu (and others!!). Since last time, I’ve made a program in Python that allows easier control of servo rotation. The video after the break shows more of what the program does and what it looks like, etc.

In other news, NForza has some Reitaisai SP alphabet folders for sale. Same deal as usual, except 50 cents more. Contact info can be found in this post.

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