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Create.swf – Nazrin, Kogasa

Added revised versions of Nazrin and Kogasa, also added a revised Yukari preset (hair based on the non-PCB/IaMP version). Also these things:

Obj: Spray bottle (colorable), water spray, spraypaint can, Marisa (NWTI), dust cloud
BG: Clocktower (sunset & night), Earth from space, Cathedral (red tint)
Body: Reimu (white), Meira (2 alt)
Hat: Reimu ribbon (white)
Arms: Reimu (white)
Acc: Red-white scarf
Back: Green dragon
Hair: Yukari (2)
Mouth: 83-84

Create.swf – Yuka, Yukari

Added revised versions of Yuka (PC-98 pajamas version) and Yukari (PCB version). Also these things:

Arms: kimono (purple), kimono (maroon)
Item: Sanae’s stick 2, sword of some sort
Back: blue dragon, blue dragon wings
Body: white suit 2
Mouth: 82

Create.swf – Shingyoku

Added revised versions of Shingyoku (male and female forms) to create.swf, also:

Body: White/Black suit 2, White suit, kimono (purple)
Back: Small bat wings
Obj: Utsuho Eye, Noby Noby is colorable

Create.swf – Meira, Elis

Added revised versions of Meira and Elis to create.swf. Also these things.

Acc: Ran’s ears, Reisen Ears+Tail (Black)
Body: Red mushroom, Casual 5
Obj: Ran’s tail, Noby Noby, Door (colorable)
Hat: Trilby hat (white), Reisen ears (black)



Well it’s not time for the Sunday videos post yet but this thing gets its own post because it’s relevant to the site. Here’s a neat create.swf version of the Little Busters OP by the person who made these other MADs (is what I’m assuming, since the list is linked to in the video).