Monthly Archive for October, 2007


Today’s daily flash is about Touhou, because I couldn’t think of how I could make the flash related to my life, even though it’s Halloween and people had some interesting costumes. Some of the female teachers dressed up as members some sort of biker gang (“Hell’s Teachers”), with printed t-shirts, headbands, leather things and all that stuff! There were other interesting ones but I don’t really feel like explaining. Okay, yeah.

A Gensokyo Halloween Special

No, the flash isn’t really about China.

It’s Halloween in Gensokyo! Remilia is having a Halloween party, but so is someone else! OH NOES! WHAT WILL HAPPEN!? I think when you see who the “someone else” is, the direction of this flash will become fairly obvious. Oh, and by the way, there’s no actual animation in this flash, not counting whatever may be on the loading screen. However, there are forty (more like 39) fully colored frames! It’s a bit short if you just click through all the frames, though. Anyway, enough of this reading. Enjoy!


A flash about grammar police. So anyway, tomorrow I have another practice SAT, and it’ll be from 3:30 to about 7:30, which sucks (probably even later, because it usually takes awhile to get started). I’ll probably get home at around 8, and then bath/dinner will probably take about 45 minutes to an hour combined, and I’ll have about an hour left. That’s probably not enough time to do a daily flash (well, even if it is, I want to do other things with my time), so I’ll release the Touhou Halloween flash tomorrow instead, because it’s been pretty much done since yesterday.


Since I don’t actually have anything to say today, here is a link to the Suika flash on NicoVideo, uploaded and translated by… uhh… someone from Japan. Probably.

Suika’s drinking problem

I feel as if the quality of my Touhou flashes has horribly declined over time. This one isn’t that good in my opinion either. Anyway, this one is about Suika and her drinking problem. Yeah. I’m running out of ideas. ;_;