Monthly Archive for November, 2007

SATs and whatnot

I don’t really have much time to do stuff today. Got home from my last SAT prep class a few hours ago. I got a 2040 on my last practice SAT (even though it seemed like the hardest one I’ve taken), which is awesome. That’s like… a 200 point increase from the last one! Yay! I’ll be taking the actual SAT tomorrow, so I’ll be reviewing stuff now. Hopefully, I can get around the same score as I did on that practice test.

Projectile Motion

I noticed that my past few flashes have been kinda violent in nature. Just a coincidence, I guess. Anyway, the actual activity was quite awesome; it involved shooting a ball out of this bazooka-looking thing (it doesn’t shoot as far as I thought it would) and seeing if it landed at the same time as another ball that was just dropped. AND IT DID! Multiple times! Hooray! Anyway, tomorrow is my last SAT prep class, and I’ll be taking the actual SAT on Saturday. I really need to study some SAT words, because I haven’t been doing that for the past month or so.


Mentos: The freshmaker!


Took a four hour practice SAT today. Got home at 8:15. Bleh. If you’re wondering, the flash goes on forever.


Have you ever seen a random person staring at the camera while a TV reporter is reporting some breaking news? Yeah… you probably know what I’m talking about. They always look so silly. And then there’s those people who pretend like they don’t see the camera but walk right in front of it. It’s even funnier when it’s in a closed-off area. I remember watching TV one day and seeing this one guy walk right in front of a camera like this:

He even pretended like he didn’t know the camera was there. And then I laughed.