Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Electrical Circuits

This would’ve been titled “Batteries,” but there was already a flash about batteries. Coincidentally, I had to go back to that flash to re-use some drawings.

Touhou instrument-playing

Okay, I was going to post just one video today (as usual), but I found these six videos a short while ago. They’re related and quite awesome, so I’ll just post all of them. Here’s a video of Flandre playing some sort of instrument (I’m guessing clarinet, but I don’t really know) with musical danmaku. The other five videos are after the “continue reading…” link.

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Kirby overdrive! Hooray!


Akyu, create.swf, updating, etc. Okay, updating done. Uhh… yeah. I think next time, I might redo the create.swf interface, because now that there’s like 50 characters (or at least around that) and tons of accessories, items, faces, etc, using left/right arrows to switch is becoming a hassle. So expect some changes next time. And if I get lazy, I guess I’ll just update with some other character instead (is there anyone left from the non-PC-98 stuff?)


Magnets can be dangerous. Be careful how you use them!