Monthly Archive for April, 2008


Well uhh, I didn’t have any time to make a daily flash today, so sorry about that. Had to go to a friend’s house to do a project, and got home at like 6:30ish. Then later, I ate dinner and whatnot, and then I had to work on an art project. Basically it was a design thing where we had to cut things out of black/white paper and use glue and stuff to create a five-panel story of some sort. The art project turned out quite nice in my opinion.

In mine, there’s a bunch of bats outside a mansion of some sort (perhaps I should’ve made it red… or scarlet) at night time, and then a girl with a poofy hat, a fang, and a set of vampire-like wings appears, and there’s this maid in the mansion who is like “oh noes, it’s some bats and a vampire!” And then it turns out that the vampire girl just wanted some tea. Or coffee. Or whatever’s in the cup in the bottom-right corner of the last panel.

I’d go scan it, but I don’t get how this scanner works, and I have to go now, so I guess I can’t do it. I might do it at the end of the school year when we get our artwork back, along with the “Pinecone-to-Patchy” transformation drawing I did some time ago.


Had to rush this one a bit. My cousin’s over, and while he’s not exactly annoying (or at least not as annoying as he used to be), I just know that if I were to do anything even remotely interesting on the computer, he’ll stay in the room watching me as I do things until he gets bored, and he definitely won’t stop talking to me; especially since he doesn’t really know about the daily flashes and I don’t quite feel like explaining it to him. So basically I made this while he wasn’t watching. Oh God he just came in with an apple and a knife and started talking about how he spilled sulphuric acid on his pants and has a rash of some sort on his leg, and I’m like “I don’t want to know this, and don’t hold that knife like that, it’s scary” why won’t he leave it’s so annoying agh okay I think he’s leaving now I guess I’ll click the “publish” button before he comes in again

100th daily flash!

It’s the 100th flash! Wanted to go with something big, like that daily flash about the 100,000 pageviews. Only this time, I’ve done more than just copy/paste frames from old flashes; I’ve edited most of the dialogue and added some other things, so now it actually flows together like some sort of weird story! It’s 176 frames long, and it’s sure to bring back some memories of the older daily flashes, if you’ve seen them.

Anyhow, thanks to all the readers who have been following my daily flashes up until now, and for all the feedback you all have provided over the months. 100 daily flashes, wooo! (There’s just something about landmark numbers like 100 that makes people go “wooo!”)


(Nicovideo link here)

Here’s the 14-minute Nicovideo song being sung by Hong Kong (a person who goes by the internet name of Hong Kong, not the entire population of Hong Kong, although I guess that would be quite interesting). I think this is the first time I’ve heard the song with someone singing the lyrics, so the creator gets points for that. Points for what, I don’t know.


Tsurupettan song and Marisa Stole the Precious Thing played at the same time! I’m sure you can tell that I’m only posting this because I have nothing else to post (seeing how all the interesting new videos I’ve found have already been posted this past week). I wonder if I can find anything tomorrow.