Monthly Archive for June, 2008


Well, that took a lot longer than expected. Anyway, I went outside today (Yes, really!). It was kinda nice. There were no bears, so that’s a plus.

東方連奏曲 Touhou Pianoforte

Youtube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 / Nicovideo: Link

Here’s an awesome 25-minute video made up of a bunch of different Touhou songs (Except the Youtube version is split up into four parts). It’s… uhh… awesome. I don’t really know what else to say besides that.


Added Kisume (also known as “bucket loli”) to create.swf, along with new eyes and a new mouth. Here’s the updates made by Thefre this week:

-Fixed scaling problem with mutant clones.
-Added the ability to take screenshots with the S key.
-Added the ability to remove arms and shoes.
-Comic Panel and various danmaku objects added.
-Clicking on nothing will now untarget and close menus.
-Manipulator tool can be brought up by pressing M. This tool can manipulate toys as well as everything else.
-Fixed Mysterious Gap so that you can’t target something else while something is falling into it.
-Cluttered stages won’t cause slow downs during pong game anymore.
-Added power up sound at 5.00 power.


A daily flash on a Friday?! Yes, it is! This is pretty accurate, except I also do other things like sleeping. Oh yeah, and eating. And I also go to the bathroom.

Last Day of School

Agh, sorry. I kinda rushed this one. I guess I’ll update this post with last-day-of-school-related stuff tomorrow.

Edit: Okay, well now it’s the day after the last day of school. Yesterday didn’t quite feel like a last day, probably because in the past, we always had to go in and wait for an hour or so before we were given our report cards and could leave. This time, we just went in, and then they gave us our report cards and told us to leave. Oh yes, they told us to leave when some of us actually wanted to stay. Anyway, we got our report cards and I found out I got a 97 on the U.S. History exam from last week and a 95 on that physics exam from two days ago. After staying in the physics room for like an hour, I went home and then watched the last episode of Azumanga Daioh, because that’s what I’ve been doing on the last days of school for about three years now. Don’t ask why; I just like doing it, just like how I watch Christmas episodes of other series during Christmas-time.