Monthly Archive for July, 2008


I remember one time when I was little, my uncle and cousins and I went to the beach for crab fishing or something. We had this metal cage and we put chicken inside and lowered it into the water, but we never actually caught any crabs. And while we walked away in failure, this one random guy commented “Hey, you caught a chicken! Nice!” Just one of those things I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life.


I haven’t actually made a sandcastle in years. Nor have I been to the beach in years. Yeah!


Some parody of that one IOSYS flash. I don’t actually know what the series is.

Some videos

Here’s a Touhou animation titled “(MAD) [??] ????Flower of Japan”. Well, it’s not really an animation since it’s mostly just still images… anyway, the music’s nice, I guess.

I guess I’ll just post another still-image animation too. This one is “???×???????????????/???????ver?”, which I guess is a parody of an anime called Kurau. Yeah.

Mystia EWI

Here’s a new EWI video by Winn. It’s Mystia! I’ll replace the image above with an embedded YouTube video once someone uploads it there.