Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Touhou Merchandise


Yesterday, I got a package of gifts from my friend in Japan! It’s a bunch of Touhou stuff from Reitaisai and Comiket earlier this year. It came in one of those regular white mail packets (regular except for the fact that it was a Japanese packet), but inside the packet was a gold-colored bag with the rest of the stuff inside. I took pictures with my dad’s camera, which you can see above.

There was a gold Omekashi bag, a blue Cirno plastic bag, a Maikaze music CD (well, it actually has 2 CDs), an art book, a book of lineart from the art book, a plastic rectangle thing with a picture of Cirno and a drink, a plastic Cirno keychain, a Youmu badge, and a letter. Very cool stuff. The art book is a collection of drawings and stuff from various artists, with Touhou characters wearing modern clothes. There were also some short comics in the book, apparently about Marisa starting a Gensokyo fashion show, which I guess sets up the artwork-based portion of the book (Scans can be found in a zip file here).

I still haven’t removed the Cirno keychain and Youmu badge from the plastic wrappers, but I probably will when I find some place to put them. I’ll probably put the keychain on my keys, because that’s what keychains are supposed to be for, right? Probably. Anyway, yeah… really nice stuff.


Added Rin Kaenbyou (Orin) to create.swf, along with a wheelbarrow, a skull, a ghostly blue aura, a gravestone, and a graveyard background. Oh yeah, and I guess what you’d call “NotOrin” the cat. Not sure if Thefre had any updates planned this week, but I haven’t gotten them, so I guess it’s just this stuff for now.

Suspense (2) and 【ドット絵で】博麗神社の一日

The continuation of yesterday’s flash! I wasn’t actually going to continue it, but I couldn’t think of any other flash ideas. I made it in like 5 minutes, so yeah… don’t expect anything too great. Really.


Anyhow, since that flash wasn’t so great, here’s this. Twenty minutes of pixelated awesomeness! It’s great because you don’t need to understand Japanese to understand what’s going on. I started skipping around after like 15 minutes, but it’s still pretty cool. But really long.




Here’s that song with those Touhou characters and that dance. I would’ve done a daily flash but I can’t really think of any ideas. Anyhow, I worked on the next Touhou flash for the first time in like five or six weeks, for about an hour. Yeah. Don’t know if I’ll get distracted again, though.