Monthly Archive for September, 2008


Yeah, no school today! Well, today is pretty much over, but you know what I mean. No school tomorrow either. Anyhow, changed the site theme to something autumn-ish. Here‘s the original image (I have no idea where it’s from; I have it on my computer from like two years ago). You may have to ctrl+F5 to get the background to look right, though.

Code Lavender

IT’S A CODE BLUE, GUYS! CODE BLUE! Well, they actually said something about a code blue during 5th period, and the thing about reporting to the hallway outside the gym. The teacher said it was nothing, and we continued our class discussion. Apparently it was something about knowing CPR.

“Code Blue” in the flash has just been replaced by “Code Lavender” because I just realized a Code Blue is a potentially dangerous medical emergency and whatnot. Yeah. I don’t think there’s a Code Lavender, so that should be okay.

【MAD】 八意永琳 [ヤゴコロメイテル]


Some sort of Touhou MAD. It doesn’t really seem to be anything specific, just Touhou in general. Actually, nevermind, it’s based on this video.


Added Ruukoto, Reimu’s nuclear-powered robot maid, to create.swf. The story of Ruukoto’s life is a tragic one. I blame Reimu. Also, the image is supposed to say “as valuable as this,” but fixing it would require setting everything up again. Not that it’s particularly hard to do, though.



The combination of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing and Flowering Night. As always, any song remixed to play something at the same time as Marisa Stole the Precious Thing is a crazy-sounding song.