Monthly Archive for November, 2008



From the guy who made all those other videos with Subterranean Animism characters comes… this thing! Whatever it is!


Added Rika to create.swf. We have yet another scientist (engineer) in create.swf! I would’ve put Nitori, Eirin, and Rikako in this introductory picture, but there was no room to do so, with all the prinny explosions and whatnot. Oh yeah, there are prinnies. You can thank Yukari for that. Actually, I guess Yukari is the reason why any foreign object gets introduced… or even why these PC-98 characters are coming back out of nowhere.

Kisume Wink and Reimu Jump Rope

Yet again, I have no idea why I decided to make these. I guess I just feel like animating stuff for some reason. First is Kisume doing the Ranka wink pose, since people tend to call her “Bucket Ranka.” Except due to the lack of fingers, it sorta looks like she’s punching herself in the face… oh well. Here’s an alternate version where she notices her lack of fingers, just like Unnamed Character did awhile ago. And here are the gifs.

And here’s Reimu jump-roping. I don’t know why, maybe trying to lose weight after all the turkey she ate during Thanksgiving (yes, I know Reimu isn’t American, I’m just making this up). And then there’s Marisa, yelling at her. Here’s how it looked like before I made the outlines black and colored it. Also, here’s some gifs. And that’s all for now.

Flonne Ievan Polkka


I don’t really know why I decided to make this. I think I just started out randomly drawing Flonne (from Disgaea) and then thought it looked sorta like the Hatsune Miku Ievan Polkka thing, so I just went with it. Then I put in some prinnies. It’s just a loop, so there isn’t anything special about it. Anyway, happy American Thanksgiving!

More “☆Get Down☆ – Walfas ver.”

Well, here’s a bunch of stuff related to yesterday’s post. First is a looped swf (with a loading screen, but it only appears at the beginning) of just the actual meme part, without the whole intro thing. And there’s no Ran, because… I guess she just decided to leave or something.

And as requested, here’s a frame-by-frame spritesheet-like image of Yukari doing the dance (if you can call it a dance). In the actual flash, Yukari’s spazzing out part has more than just six frames, but they’re pretty much just those poses flipped horizontally or vertically. Also as requested, here’s a gif of Yukari shaking, and one of Yukari spazzing out.

Also, here’s yesterday’s flash on Nicovideo, translated into Japanese by… uhh, a Japanese person, probably.