Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Happy 200⑨!

Yeah! All right! Welcome to 200?, the year of the ice fairy!


For some reason, when making this daily flash, the only series that came to my mind were ones where the protagonist does have parents who appear onscreen. Strange.

Anyway, I started watching Sketchbook a few days ago, and I like it. Coincidentally, as far as I’ve seen, there are no parents in this series either. There was one episode where I thought there was a parent, but it turned out to be an older sister. How suspicious…

Maikaze Touhou Anime Project

Well, as everyone probably already knows, the Maikaze Anime Project is out. Well, part one anyhow.

Most people don’t bother looking at the names on credits, but those who did may have noticed this and thought “Wait, what?” upon seeing “KirbyM” on there. Since it’d be weird to not post about it, here’s an explanation!

The anime comes with English subtitles, translated by… well, I guess he goes by various names, but I’ll go with “Talka” since that’s what the credits have him as. As far as I know, he’s the only one at Maikaze that speaks fluent English, and he brought up the idea of having English subtitles included with the DVD. Then, sometime in November, I was basically given the opportunity to proofread the translated script and make suggestions for corrections on grammar, punctuation, typos, etc, as well as making the sentences sound more natural.

It was super top-secret and everything, and posting about it on here before release would have meant being assassinated by ninjas or something. The video even had a “do not upload” thing at the top! Anyway, yeah, that’s it. Good times.

Orin matchbooks + Lasers

??????? ????????????????


Orin is selling what seems to be oversized matchsticks in the snow! And then there’s some giant sheet music behind her.

Marisa stole the precious thing (Lasershow RGY Version)

And here’s Marisa Stole the Precious Thing… with lasers! Well, not that she stole it using lasers (although it’s possible), but that it’s the IOSYS flash done with lasers. This video is actually kinda old but I didn’t find out about it until a friend linked to it today, and I thought it was cool. It’s also (to my knowledge) not a video that was taken from Nicovideo and uploaded to Youtube, so I’d encourage you to leave comments about it on the video itself.


Added Kana Anaberal to create.swf, along with two backgrounds: Eientei (traced over from this) and some room with a lot of green things. It was supposed to be Kourindou, but then I realized I didn’t actually have a picture of what it looks like, so I made something up. If anyone has a good reference image for Kourindou, go ahead and leave a link in the comments; I’ll try to add it next week. Also added a few objects (the ones you see in the screenshot) to go with the new room.

Also, it looks like yesterday’s Boxing Day flash is up on Nicovideo too.